"It’s okay Tokiya… I’ll play with you once I’ve come back from my work. See you weeks from now on nya~"


My secret crack ship. 

Well, not a secret anymore. 

But still. 

I love. 

(via ichinose-san)

(via ichinose-san)

hangedibuki asked:
She waved and began to cry. Half way up to her head, she then again kissed him on the cheek and she fully vanished. A cold breeze came in with a whisper,"I love you, Hayato..."

*he heard the whisper, but opted not to reply verbally* See you later… *waves*

hangedibuki asked:
She smiled and leaned in. "It's been fun while it lasted, Haya-chan. I hope one day, our paths will meet once more. I..I still and always will love you, Hayato." She kissed his cheek. When she pulled away, her body began to glow. Starting from her feet, she slowly began to disappear into thin air. "I'll miss you..."

I didn’t know that she’s actually a magical creature. I hope I can see you again too nya~

hangedibuki asked:
She smiled and hugged him, "Can I at least kiss your cheek before I disappear?"

Okay, go ahead~

hangedibuki asked:
"No, I'll be in your heart." She smiled and looked away. "I would kiss you but I can't do something you don't agree on and don't wanna do..."

Ohhh~ I’ll search you inside my heart then, I can easily detect you. >3 Jokes aside, sorry but yes you cannot kiss me. :<

hangedibuki asked:
Robin smiled. "I'm not going to outer space, i'll just be a soul with no body." She looked at him. "I'll miss you. You were my first and last crush." She kissed his cheek and hugged him.

*hugs her back* Y-You’re going to… to the underworld nya? *shocked* Well, I guess you’ll have friends there too. But are you really sure with that decision nya?

hangedibuki asked:
"I'm not going anywhere. I'm disappearing from this earth. You will soon forget about me, like everyone else."

Y-You’re going to outer space nya?! COOOL~!!! I won’t forget you don’t worry~

hangedibuki asked:
"What do you expect me to do?! People don't want to talk to me, I can't go and yell at them!" She sighed.

Sorry if I became more busier. Well, I’m pretty sure there will be people who’ll talk to you in the new place you’ll be going~ Just don’t forget to call or text me, okay nya~?

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